Monday, 26 January 2015

Liebster Award

Hello lovelies!

I was tagged by the beautiful Jasmine to do this. 

What is the Liebster award? 
You have to answer 11 questions that the person who tagged you makes up themselves. Then you tag new bloggers and make them 11 questions to answer. However, you have to pick new bloggers as the idea is to 'discover new blogs.'

Liebster Award

1) Are you more of a make-up or fashion person?
     I'm definitely more of a make-up person. I've always been more interested in make-up.

2) Describe your style?
     I'm a leggings kind of girl! I do wear jeans when I feel like it though. Definitely dresses or skirts when I'm going out for special occasions.  

3) Do you have any piercings/tattoos?
     I have 5 piercings. I'm counting the ear lobes as one piercing. I have two helix piercings, a rook piercing and my belly piercing. I did used to have my tragus pierced but I had a very bad experience with that one. I do have ideas on tattoos but I'm still not sure on where abouts to get my first one.

4) Do you play any sports?
     I wouldn't say that I 'play.' I'm a ballet dancer - dance is a sport, right? 

5) Favourite make-up product?
     Mascara! I use Rimmel London Scandal-Eyes.

6) How long have you been blogging?
     I used to blog about 4/5 years ago but I didn't really stick with it because of school. Then, I made this blog account about a year ago but I never posted anything until the end of 2014. 

7) What inspired you to start blogging?
     You might remember a website called '' It was a website builder and blog website. Me and my childhood best friend used to make websites on there at the age of about 12 (haha!) and after a couple of years I started reading the blogs and that started me off. I've then been reading blogs ever since and it has inspired me to make my own and share my tips and my lifestyle with other readers/bloggers.

8) Favourite colour?

9) If you had to pick one shop to shop at for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
     I want to say 'New Look.' But, I've seriously thought about this one and I'm going to go with  'Boots.' Just because it has make-up, skin care, hair products and food & drink - so you've got everything in there.

10) Fashion Icons?
       Lauren Conrad and Holly Willoughby.

11) What is your dream job?
        The job I have now which is hairdressing! But I do want to do something within the beauty path!

Here are your questions:

1) Do you prefer heels or flats?

2) If you could only have one lipstick/lipgloss for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3) What's your favourite holiday destination? Where would you like to go next?

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

5) Your favourite piece of clothing now?

6) If you could change something about yourself, what would you change and why?

7) What phone have you got right now and would you like to change it or keep it?

8) What is your zodiac sign?

9) What is your hair colour history?

10) Favourite food?

11) Are you a dog or cat lover?

Please let me know when you've done yours as I would love to read your answers.

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