Monday, 5 January 2015

Hi Brow or New Cid Cosmetics?

Hello lovelies!

It's a new year and a new start! I am very excited for what 2015 is going to bring. Even though 2014 was a really good year for me, I hope 2015 is going to be even better!

Today's post is going to be some sort of 'comparing' post on two different eyebrow make-up. 

I used to use a cheap eyebrow colour compact kit from Collection. It wasn't very good quality and it took me 20-30 minutes to apply in the morning. It was a complete nightmare!

My nightmare didn't last long though, because lucky me...
 I got a Hi Brow kit and a New Cid Cosmetics brow pencil from my parents for Christmas!

Which one is the best though?

Eyebrow comparing products

Grab yourself a hot chocolate and get comfy as this is going to be a very long post! - I've warned you.

Firstly, I'm going to start with Hi Brow!

It's a compact with a mirror (always handy). I have the colour in light brown. As my hair colour is quite light, I only need to put the powder on very lightly. 

There is also a highlighter inside too! I find that the highlighter is quite shimmery. But it can't be too bad as I use it!  

It also comes with a small dual ended brush. It's a bit small, but it's usable. I use this brush for the eyebrow colour and the highlighter. The angled brush part is quite thick so if I need to fill in a smaller part of my brow, I have to use my own eyebrow brush from MAC. 

Hi Brow

Hi Brow Powder Duo

There is also 3 different eyebrow stencils tucked inside! The stencils are angled, curved and straight.

eyebrow stencils

I have only used the angled stencil. Being honest, the stencil is quite long for my brows! Also, the 'high point' part on the stencil is very high up from my actual brow. 

As it's quite high up from my brow, I have to adjust the stencil. Then I've caused a problem, as the start of the brow on the stencil is quite low down. I normally do the start of the brow myself. 

The stencils are very easy to clean afterwards! Bonus!

Hi Brow eyebrow

Sometimes the colour looks too full after applying the powder. But I just use a brush to get most of the harsh parts out. It looks much better after. You can make them much darker using the light brown compact but darker brows wouldn't suit me. 

Other colour compacts:
  • Hi Brow Dark Brown
  • Hi Brow Dark Charcoal
  • Hi Brow Soft Dove (light grey)
They all come with the same highlighter inside.

Hi Brow Compact Kit is £29.95 on their website. Or you can get them from a professional beauty trade store. 

Next up is New Cid Cosmetics!

new cid

This is an eyebrow grooming pencil & brush! It only comes in 1 shade which is called 'Neutral'.

When I first looked at this, the pencil looked black! I honestly thought it would be too dark for me. 

If you're a blonde or have light hair (like me!) Go over your brows very lightly. Maybe once or twice. Whereas, if you've got quite dark hair, you can go over your brows more than twice! 

new cid cosmetics

new cid i-groom

You twist the black part to put the pencil in and out. It comes out quite far, so it's long lasting! 

You won't need much of the pencil to come out while doing your brows as it goes down quite slowly. (Like I said, long lasting!) 

new cid cosmetics eyebrow pencil
The brush is really good too! It brushes your brows into the right place and I also use this brush when I use my Hi Brow colour.
 new cid eyebrow pencil

My brow looks more natural than the Hi Brow colour. 

new cid eyebrow

I really recommend this product! Its £17.00 on their website or you can get it from a professional beauty trade store.

I honestly prefer using the New Cid Cosmetics pencil rather than the Hi Brow powder. 

If you've used both of these, which one do you prefer? Or if you've only used one of these, do you like it?

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  1. I prefer the look of the Cid Pencil on your eyebrows too :D

    Serene xoxo