Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Katy Perry - Royal Revolution

Hi lovelies!

Today's post is going to be on the Katy Perry 'Royal Revolution' fragrance.

I have a feeling that it came out some time last year - so I am a bit behind.
If you haven't yet read a review on this, keep reading!

I was in Boots with my boyfriend originally shopping for his two sisters' christmas presents. I came across this perfume and I honestly, instantly fell in love!

Without me knowing until Christmas day, I had this wrapped up under my Christmas tree from my boyfriends parents!

This is Katy Perry's 5th fragrance and the 3rd in conjunction of Coty.

Katy Perry Royal Revolution

First off, lets start with the packaging! I am a complete geek for good designed packaging.

It comes in a blue coloured box with beautiful silver designs - I want to say that it gives it a metallic look.

The designs on this box are similar or are the same as the other Coty ones which are:

-Killer Queen (Red one)
-Oh So Sheer (Pink/Purple one)

Katy Perry Killer Queen

It's a blue crystallised diamond. If you hold it up to the light, the colour is gorgeous!
It also has this dark silver top to the bottle, it's near enough designed the same as the others.

The scent lasts about 5-6 hours. Although, when it fades, I like to re-spray to freshen the scent up.

Katy Perry Perfume

Katy Perry Royal Revolution Perfume

It's a floral fragrance mixed with a fruity scent. 

The scent is soft and sweet - some people like to wear different fragrances for different times of the year. Summer would be the perfect time for this one.

People can smell it on me and I do get some lovely compliments. Especially from my clients as I am putting my hands near their face most of the time.

This is by far my favourite fragrance! What's your favourite? Have you tried this one?

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