Saturday, 13 April 2019

Wedding Haul #1 - What I've Bought So Far + Update

wedding haul

Considering our wedding is still 17 months away, Liam and I have been insanely organised for it. Since my last wedding planning post, we have booked our videographer, hired a donut van, a photobooth, a fairy light backdrop, a chocolate fountain etc, transport and sent out save the dates! We have also bought so many little décor bits for the venue. I love watching wedding haul videos on YouTube so I thought I'd write about our purchases on the blog. 

wedding haul blog post

I have always wanted personalised hangers for the bride squad. After searching the internet high and low, I found these ones on Etsy for such a reasonably good price at £4.99 each. I actually contacted the seller asking if she did package prices for bulk buys and luckily she did! I think these hangers are lovely for the girls to keep after the wedding too.

After being told there was a really good wedding section in Home Bargains, I of course popped in there on my day off work to have a nosey. I found this cards box which only cost around £3. It's actually a pop up box, it's so easy to put up and it's such a great size too! Another place I have been popping in recently is Hobbycraft. We have actually bought quite a few things from Hobbycraft including this wedding sign and Mr & Mrs table sign. You can hang them up which is what we'll do with the wedding ceremony sign but we'll probably have the Mr & Mrs sign just sitting on the top table in front of us.

wedding haul blog

what ive bought for my wedding

the range haul

homeware haul

wedding decor haul

The petals, table diamante confetti and the bride & groom chair signs are all from The Range. We're going to put the petals down either side of the aisle. These bride and groom chair signs look so pretty hanging on the back of chairs. I definitely want a photo of me and Liam sitting on our chairs with those signs hanging on the back of them on the day. 

After buying the bridesmaids champagne flutes, I realised I didn't actually get one for myself *face palm emoji.* So I hopped back onto Etsy and bought mine for £2.75 and it actually got delivered really quickly. This wishing jar from Hobbycraft was the first thing we bought when we were newly engaged. I can't remember how much it was but it was on sale at the time. I just thought that it was such a cute idea of leaving little messages as well as having a guestbook.

wedding decor haul blog

wedding decor

personalised wedding guestbook

I had seen a blogger mention this guestbook on their blog and it's been bugging me for days because I cannot remember who it was. It's real leather and I just loved the style of it. I paid around £40 for it from a shop called Oh So Cherished on, which I don't think is too bad. 
However, I am now freaking out about the guestbook. There are so many pages and the pages themselves are so big! I just know the majority of people are going to write all on one page and there are going to be so many blank pages left in the book. I have been googling so many different ideas of what else the guests could do with it. Seriously though, the guestbook should be the least of my worries.

ikea haul

ikea homeware haul

Hooray!! We have finally found our white lanterns for our centerpieces. We saw some in The Range which were £11 but we didn't want to spend that per lantern. So when we went to Essex, I drove to the IKEA down Lakeside and we found these lanterns for £7 each. So we wiped out half the shelf by taking the lanterns haha. We were so happy that we finally found some! My mother in law wanted to do our centrepieces, so she's going to get some white and pink flowers with those firefly lights and make them look all pretty.

Whilst we were in IKEA, I saw these little jam jars. I think they came in a pack of three and they were quite cheap. My original idea was to have them in front of the lanterns with the LED candle inside with a few flowers coming out of them. But when we got home and set them out, they didn't look right with the lantern. So we're now going to use them as sweet jars and put them on the tables instead.

That is all we've bought for our wedding for now. No doubt there will be a few more wedding hauls coming up. We could go on forever buying stuff haha. 


  1. So many lovely items, those hangers are beautiful!

    Danielle xx

    1. Thank you! We could literally go on forever haha! x

  2. Love the wedding decor so far!! So exciting! xo Candice