Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Current Beauty Products I Want to Try This Year

beauty products to try

When I want to try a new product, I note them in my phone. I blame beauty bloggers and youtubers for the hype of the majority of these included. I've ended up with a mini list of beauty products that I want to try at some point throughout this year. No doubt this list will grow majorly throughout 2018. 

I've seen a lot of bloggers rave about the 'This Works Deep Sleep' pillow spray but me being a tight-arse, didn't want to pay £18-£26. I then heard through the grapevine that the 'Tropic So Sleepy' pillow mist works just the same. It's also cheaper than deep sleep at just £10. Bargain! 

This is all I've seen over the blogging atmosphere for the past, almost four years I've been blogging. I was so so close to buying it last Summer but I didn't want to spend that much ££ on a concealer - especially as I go through them fairly quickly. But, I think it's finally time to get an amazing concealer that is actually worth the pennies. 

I fell in love with the shape of this beauty blender when I saw Sabrina use it in one of her videos. You obviously have the same shape of the blender but with a pointed tip so it's easier to get to the inner corners of the eyes, to go round the brows and to sharpen the eyeshadow line. You can basically do everythaaang with this little beauty.

Oh my god. I have been wanting needing this for absolutely AGES. Again, the price put me off. (Omg, I really am a tight-arse bitch!? How do I not have any money?) Anyway, is it really that good though? Er, yes! Those before and after results on their Insta page. I'll probably ask for a few of these for my birthday.

It's only recently I've seen people go on and on about this hair mask. I've only tried a few hair masks in my life which is ridiculous as I have bleached hair. But, this sounds amazing. Some people have complained about the strong smell of banana but I love the smell of banana. Gimme all the banana!

I read a blog post mid last year about the NYX glitter primer and how good it was. I've been meaning to buy a good glitter primer for some time. So as well as buying the glitter primer, I might as well buy and try their glitter brillants too, right?

This has been super popular in the blogging world recently and I'm feeling bloody left out to be honest! I love all the results from this little product.

Again, like the Nars creamy concealer, this costs a few pennies too. Although, people have said that it really is worth the price so it's definitely a must for me! I just don't want to pay the price for shipping as it's ridiculous. 

Oh I've heard great things about this facial cleanser. I like trying out new and different skincare products, so I will definitely get round to giving this a go at some point.

A liquid highlighter at an affordable price - now I'm hooked. I love all the results their shades give. It's so tempting to buy the whole lot.

I love everything about this palette. How gorgeous are the shades? I would probably use every single one. I don't think I own any high-end eyeshadow palettes apart from Urban Decay. Wow, some beauty blogger I am.

I have been wanting to try this for a while but I've stuck with my drugstore faves haven't I. I do need to venture out and try more high-end foundations. They're worth the money I guess.

Have you ever tried any of these products? What are they like? What beauty products do you want to try in 2018?

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