Wednesday, 24 January 2018

9 Movies from the Late 90s/Early 00s that I Still Love to This Day

movies from the late 90s early 00s

I found it so hard to put together a list of just 9 of my favourite, still favourite, movies from my childhood to now. However, I somehow did it. You may think of better quotes for each film but I just popped my favourites in.

1. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game
A Cinderella Story, (2004).
I bloody LOVE this movie, I must know every single word that's said. When I really got into this movie, that was when I became a huge fan of Hilary Duff and then I moved on to loving her music too.

2. On Wednesdays, we wear pink
Mean Girls, (2004).
I wanted to add in so many quotes on this number. What else is there to say about this film? Again, I must know this one word for word as well. Every person of my age must have seen this film, and it was the number one film to put on at sleepovers. So fetch!

3. I'm Eve and you're my special friend 
Life-Size, (2000).
This was one of my most favourite movies as a kid. I'm still annoyed that the magic spell ended up turning the doll Eve into a real person instead of Casey's mother coming back to life. 

4. Uh, as if!
Clueless, (1995).
I remember my mum putting this movie on for me to watch and I instantly loved it. I loved their fashion, oh and why can't we have an app that shows us what an outfit looks like on before pulling out the entire wardrobe. Surely we've hit that stage in technology by now!?

5. Cookie?
Freaky Friday, (2003).
Ah, Freaky Friday. I didn't actually know there was an older version of this up until a couple of years ago when I saw it on the TV guide and put it on and I realised it wasn't Jamie-Lee Curtis or Lindsay Lohan. I just love when they switch bodies and have completely different lives.

6. I smell children...
Hocus Pocus, (1993).
I watch this movie throughout the year and I'm not even sorry. I thought they were meant to be bringing a second one out but I haven't heard anything since so it was probably rumoured. Come little children, I'll take thee away...

7. Do you like cheese?
She's the Man, (2006).
I love everything about this movie. Amanda Bynes' character poses as her brother to play football as the football team think girls aren't good enough. I have quite a good sense of humour anyway and I just find it hilarious.

8. Love is the closest thing we have to magic
Aquamarine, (2006).
I went through a huge mermaid phase at this time in my life. I also used to love watching H20 mermaids on Nickeloden. I actually still watch it on Netflix... shhh. I used to be super jealous of Aqua's hair and I loved the fact that JoJo was starred in the film too.

9. You want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don't
The Parent Trap, (1998).
Now we're on the last film, I didn't actually realise how many films I've included with Lindsay Lohan in. She was in most of the films from my childhood. I absolutely loved The Parent Trap and watched it whenever I could. I remember always wanting to be like Annie and having lockets like the girls.

What are your favourite movies from your childhood that you still love?


  1. OMG Hocus Pocus was such a favourite when I was a kid, pretty sure I could still recite chunks of the script off by heart.

    I would also like to recommend "Practical Magic" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous" if you think up a second list, so easy to watch them while vegged out on the sofa.

    - Katie

    1. Ooh, Drop Dead Gorgeous sounds really familiar. Maybe I've seen it somewhere along the line? I don't know lol, I'll have to watch it and see. Exactly, I could binge watch all of these sorts of movies on a weekend x