Thursday, 29 June 2017

PRO.VOKE Touch of Silver - Every Blondes Dream

provoke touch of silver reviews

Being blonde, you need to take really good care of your hair. This past month, I have come across these products and I don't know why I hadn't found them sooner!
I usually use the brightening shampoo (in the middle) once I've just coloured my hair or if it's looking dull or brassy. The violet pigment neutralises the brassy/yellow tones in the hair and makes the hair visibly brighter after one wash.

Then we have the colour care shampoo and conditioner. The colour care shampoo pretty much does the same job as the brightening shampoo, I just use this as a normal shampoo every time I wash my hair. Again, it keeps your blonde hair bright and gets rid of unwanted brassy tones in the hair. The colour care conditioner works like any other conditioner, it locks in the moisture to keep your hair non-damaged and healthy.

After using these three products for a whole month, I have received so many compliments. People have said that my hair looks brighter and thought I had it re-done at the salon. It's so much softer, it looks in much better condition and it's super shiny! With prices starting from as low as £2.19, you can't really go wrong. I recommend this brand to every blondie.

Have you tried pro.voke products?

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