Thursday, 8 June 2017

My Experience with Individual Eyelash Extensions!

I originally booked in to get individual eyelashes done for a weeks holiday back in March. I was excited as much as I was nervous; I didn't know what I would look like with them, how they'd feel or even if they'd suit me. I had a mini consultation with the lash technician beforehand and told her exactly how I wanted them to look.

individual lashes experiences

Little did I know that I'd end up absolutely loving them and that I'd become addicted to the easy morning routine of not applying any mascara. Having lashes makes your life 100x easier; you can have that extra ten minutes in bed and you can go on holiday/swimming without wearing mascara, the list could go on. Prices vary quite a bit for a full set of lashes, I paid £60 for mine but it's definitely worth every penny! Mine lasts around two and a half weeks before I need to get them infilled. The price for my lash infills start from £18 depending on how many lashes are missing, I haven't paid any more than £20 for infills.

Most people that have had eyelash extensions before say that they have lost their natural lashes or that their natural lashes are really short. This isn't the case for everyone if you take good care of them. I own up to picking a few out whilst the individuals were growing out which caused some of my lashes to come out and shorten. I have actually taken my individual lashes off now after three months to give my natural lashes a break from the glue. I'm happy to say that my natural lashes are still in perfect condition, some are a little shorter than others but there's no gaps at all. I am also using an eyelash treatment to keep them from breaking and to keep them in a healthy condition.

These mink lashes aren't irritating in any way, they are really comfortable. I really recommend getting them done if you've been thinking about it or if you have a really busy lifestyle and can't live without your mascara.

Have you ever had individual eyelash extensions?

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