Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Two Newest Additions to my Skincare Routine

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olay serum review

olay regenerist review

I really wanted to try out some new skin care, so as Superdrug was doing a 2 for 1 offer on Olay skin care products, I obviously went ahead with the offer.

I've never used a facial serum or any anti-aging product before. This serum comes in a small red bottle with an easy to use pump which you twist to open or lock. The product is shimmery white in colour and it absorbs really quickly. You can see the difference within about two weeks - t3he skin is firmer and the visibility of my fine lines under my eyes is reduced. I like to use this before I apply my moisturiser.

olay featherweight moisturiser review

I was expecting the bottle of this moisturiser to be bigger but it's no big deal. The bottle has a golden tone colour to it and again, it has the same style of pump as the serum. You don't need much product to cover your face as it spreads quite evenly. It definitely is light on the face and it absorbs quick too. This moisturiser is perfect for all skin types. I do find it to be quite an oily product, but I have oily skin and it hasn't made it any worse than it was before. My skin looks brighter and feels so much softer.

Have you tried any Olay products before?


  1. I also used the 3 point firming serum and I liked it a lot, it made my skin firm and soft. I would definitely purchase this again but the Olay products are not available in my country so I may pick some when I am abroad.


    1. I need to purchase more Olay products, I really like how they work x

  2. I really want to try some products by Olay but I never do. I guess it's time :D

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