Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Sweetest Lip Scrub Ever!

lush bubblegum lip scrub review

lush bubblegum lip scrub blog review

With the colder weather approaching and having dry lips for the majority of the year, I've finally purchased a lip scrub! Obviously, I had to get the bubblegum flavour. It smells exactly like bubblegum and candy floss and all things sweet. I've heard that it's part of the Snow Fairy family. I've never ever tried Snow Fairy, shock horror! But I promise you that I will this year. So, let's just say that this is the edible version of Snow Fairy.

The consistency is very soft and it's super gentle on my lips. Only scoop out a little amount at a time due to big lumps of the scrub falling off your finger whilst exfoliating. It can be a messy job. Whilst scrubbing my lips, I can taste it, it tastes really sweet to begin with and then a little bit of a soapy taste comes after, it's still incredibly tasty though! The main ingredients is caster sugar and jojoba oil to scrub away the dead skin and to get the moisture back. I usually wash the scrub off afterwards but I sometimes can't resist having a cheeky lick of the lips.

lush bubblegum lip scrub review blog

lush bubblegum lip scrub

 My lips are extremely smooth and soft afterwards and my boyfriend says that he can smell bubblegum when he kisses me. So, it looks like my lips are left soft, moisturised and kissable. You don't need to use much of the product as a little goes a long way. At least my lipstick goes on smoothly now and there's no hideous cracks that are noticeable when I apply my lippy. For £5.50, you definitely get your moneys worth, this will last me ages!

Have you ever tried a lip scrub from Lush?


  1. I have this one and love it - such a great little scrub for the price and the smell is amazing! :) xx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. It's a great scrub and it's worth the price. My fave! x

  2. I was just planning my first ever visit to Lush and this is on my list. Nice to read a good review :D

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. Oh wow, you'll love it. I'm not hugely obsessed like most people but I do love their products. Thank you for reading :) x