Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Soap & Glory Faves

soap and glory favourites blog post

I have been a huge lover of Soap & Glory for as long as I can remember. I made a list and narrowed my Soap & Glory favourites down to five, I don't know how but I managed to succeed. I have yet to try most of their products but for the ones I have tried, I admire almost every single one.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub - I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to try this out. This is probably the strongest smelling product I've smelt in all my life (in a good way). If you love sweet and citrusy smells then you will soon have a crush on this. After running out of my Sugar Crush body wash (which is exactly the same as this but it's a body wash instead of a scrub), I decided to use this product a lot more. I adore the lime smell which fills the bathroom and makes me smell lush all day.

I only use this once or twice a week due to it being quite harsh on the skin. But, it's the perfect exfoliator as it does the job to get rid of those ol' dead skin cells and it's a fab exfoliator for pre-tanning! After using this, I always feel so fresh. I think I'm gonna have to re-purchase the Sugar Crush body wash.

The Righteous Butter - I've been a fan of the Righteous Butter for a long time. It smells absolutely gorgeous which is why I like the brand itself as everything smells beautiful! It's not too thick or too creamy, it's just right. It doesn't take too long to absorb into the skin which is always good. It's a super moisturising product and I especially love using this after shaving my legs. It's terrific for dry skin and makes you feel so smooth and soft after. I guarantee that this will probably be my all time favourite body butter foreverrrrr.

soap and glory favourites

Whipped Clean Body Butter - This product smells so creamy and also smells of vanilla. I LOVE vanilla, so presumably that's why I adore the smell and always smell myself after use. It does the exact same job as the Righteous Butter except, you use Whipped Clean in the shower instead. Again, it's fabulously moisturising and leaves me feeling soft. I don't have a clue when I'll run out of this as the tube is huge!

Heel Genius Foot Cream - This product is part of my foot-care routine. Because I'm a dancer and I stand on my feet almost all day wearing unsupportive ballet pumps, I need to take extra care of my feet. TMI but my feet are always so dry and I have hard skin too. This is where heel genius comes to the rescue! The product is very thick and it takes FOREVER to soak in.

Soap & Glory says to apply this when you go to bed and then put socks on. I can't sleep in socks. So, I apply this when I get home from work or when I have any free time and then put socks on. I try to avoid walking around the house whilst doing this as it feels so gross. But, it works, my feet are incredibly soft afterwards and they're super moisturised. P.S who else can't sleep with socks on?

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Lip Crayons - I've owned these for ages, are they even still available on the shelves? These are simply lip glosses but crayons. I only use two out of the three colours as the orangey/red colour is way too bright for my liking. They don't stay on your lips all day and you will need to top up a few times throughout the day but the colours are gorgeous.

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  1. I love soap and glory! Definitely need to try out some more of their products but I absolutely adore the sugar crush body scrub. It's divine! x

    1. I need to get my hands on more of their products... seem to love everything I've ever tried. The Sugar Crush body scrub is wonderful! x

  2. I really don't like the sugar crush scent but I love the righteous butter it's so nice and hydrating!
    Charlotte //

    1. You're the first person I know to not like the Sugar Crush scent. I do admit, it is really strong but I love the smell. I've loved the Righteous Butter for a long long time. Will probs be my fave forever haha x