Saturday, 28 November 2015

E.L.F Wishlist

I love e.l.f products, I think they're such great quality for the price. I have done an e.l.f haul on my blog before, which you can read here.
I have seen so many products that I would like to buy from e.l.f, so I thought that I would create my very own wishlist.

e.l.f studio eyebrow lifter & filler - £4.50
I love trying out different eyebrow products. I have read so many great reviews on this and I've also never used a 'lifter' so that would be great to try out for the first time.

e.l.f studio long-lasting lustrous eyeshadow - £4.50
This colour eyeshadow just grabbed my attention. You should see the other colours they have, I honestly want them all. They just look so pigmented and they would be perfect for a party look.

e.l.f studio brush shampoo - £4.50
I need another brush shampoo for my makeup brushes. I never knew that e.l.f did brush shampoo. Although, looking at the picture of it, it does look like quite a small bottle. 

e.l.f studio high definition undereye setting powder - £4.50
I have only ever used setting spray. I thought that I would like to try setting powder, especially under the eyes as my concealer always fades throughout the day. It also looks like it would brighten the eye area too.

e.l.f essential expert liquid liner - £3.00
I find that all liquid eyeliners I try are different in certain ways. I just like trying different ones out.

e.l.f studio need it nude eyeshadow palette - £12.50
I love nude eyeshadow colours! This palette also reminds me of Christmas and parties - the sparkly golds and the smoky colours. I'm definitely getting this!

e.l.f studio contouring blush & bronzing cream - £4.50
I either buy contour cream/powder that's too dark or the wrong colour for me. I just love that you get the blush with it. The price is perfect for this! Also, I've never tried cream blush, so that's a first for me.

e.l.f studio mineral lipstick in 'Rich Raspberry' - £6.00
When I was looking through the shades of the mineral lipstick - oh my, I want them all. The shades are unique and seasonal. This was my fave though!

e.l.f essential clear brow & lash mascara - £3.00
I love to set my eyebrows as I find throughout a long day they lose their colour. I have recently ran out of my clear brow gel and I've been using my setting spray. The price of this? Yes I'll buy it!

e.l.f essential blending eye brush - £2.00
I bought the eyeshadow brush early this year, I did mention it in my e.l.f haul. Well, I have been loving that eyeshadow brush. The blending brush (which I was going to buy at the time) was out of stock and had been for a while. So, I just stopped checking the site as it was always out of stock.
Now, it's back and I'm definitely getting this, such great quality!

e.l.f studio makeup lock & seal - £4.50
I love the look of this and there's so many great reviews on this. It's meant to do the same job as setting spray/powder. I guess that you pour the lock and seal in the little pot, dip the brush in and apply it to any part of your makeup that you would want to seal. It also says 'sealed smudge proof' eherm, yes please!

Is there anything here that you like the look of?

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