Tuesday, 10 November 2015

5 Youtubers I Have Recently Discovered

I have recently found YouTubers that are completely new to me and I just had to share them with you.


Can I just point out that I love Gabriellas accent. I just love the way she films her videos and I love that they're all different in certain ways.


Sabrina - LoveLaughAndMakeup

Why why why didn't I find Sabrina sooner!? I love her videos and I get so excited when a new upload goes live. I find that she's chatty but a super down to earth person. I just love her.

Hollie Wakeham

One day, I searched tanning routines and I came across Hollies tanning routine video. As soon as I watched that video, I spent the rest of my spare time scrolling through her videos on her channel and she is so talented!

Meg Says

I came across Meg on Twitter and have been watching her videos ever since. She's such a lovely girl and I love that she lives in Norwich too!

Jess - CopperGardenx

I have been following Jess' blog for quite a while now and I never thought to visit her YouTube channel. Anyway, I did in the end and I'm so glad I did. I love her videos, they're all different in different ways. I've also been loving her vlogs too.

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Are there any YouTubers that you would like me to check out?

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