Monday, 6 July 2015

5 beauty mistakes I wish I never made

Hi lovelies!

I was doing my make-up the other day and randomly thought of something I used to do when I was younger which made me giggle but also put my head in my hands. So, I made a list of beauty mistakes I made which I really wouldn't do now.

5 beauty mistakes I wish i never made

1. Putting foundation just on my nose. Now, you are probably thinking "what the hell, why did she do that!?" I never ever wore foundation when I was younger. Although, when I got to the age of about 14, I started caking it just onto my nose. The reason for this is because I had a lot of blackheads on my nose and I couldn't get rid of them. So basically, my nose looked a different colour compared to the rest of my face, which leads me on to number two!

2. Wearing the wrong foundation shade. I was new to foundation and all my friends were wearing it and I went into a store and just bought the same one that my friend had. Luckily, it wasn't too dark as my friend was quite pale (like me.) Later on, I realised that there were a lot of different foundation shades and I eventually looked all one colour. 

3. Not taking make-up off properly. I just used to use them good ol' make-up wipes .Ok, so using make-up wipes isn't so bad but looking after your skin properly is best! So use make-up remover and tone and moisturise! 

4. I used to scrub my eyes. That probably wasn't the best description, 'scrubbing my eyes.' By this, I mean I used to be lazy when taking my make-up off. I wasn't gentle with my eyes at all. I've learnt a lot from this mistake.

5. Leaving my make-up on when going to bed. Just writing that now makes me cringe. I really can't leave my make-up on now, but I used to! It used to give me so many spots and I realised why after almost a year of doing it. 

What mistakes have you made before?


  1. Such a fun post to read! I didn't use to pay any attention to my brows and therefore they looked horrible when I first started experimenting with make up.

    1. Most people I talk to never paid attention to their brows either, you're not the only one! x