Saturday, 9 May 2015


Hello lovelies!

So, tonight I'm going out for a meal to have a huge catch up with my very oldest best friend!
Also, this is my very first GRWM post, so I hope you like it!

get ready with me

It's been a long day so I'm going to freshen up by taking off all my make-up and starting again.

I started off by washing my hair. I then used certain products in my hair to get it how I wanted to and then I simply dried it. Yes, I sometimes use dry shampoo once I've washed my hair if my roots are quite bad.

Starting with my face - I will be using Simple products. I will wash my face and then use a toner followed by moisturiser.
 Next, I will use 'Maybelline Baby Skin' to reduce the appearance of my pores before applying my make-up.
I will now mix my normal skin shade foundation with my darker foundation as I tanned beforehand so I have to get the correct shade. (You don't want to go out with a very pale face and a tanned body.)

After applying my make-up I get changed. I was stuck on deciding between leggings and jeans. But I personally thought that the jeans looked more casual as I'm going for a meal.

So, I'll now move onto my hair and all I'm going to do is straighten it and give it a bit of volume and hairspray!

I then just go over the finishing touches to make sure that everything's looking good and then give myself a spray of Armani Code. (Which, by the way, smells absolutely gorgeous!)


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I hope you enjoyed my very first GRWM post! Have a good night whatever you're doing! Let me know what you're up to tonight!

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