Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Simple Denim & Crop Tops

We're in the month of March and it's that strange month where someday's the weather is beautiful and the next, it's dull and gloomy.

So, I've found a simple spring fashion look for when it's lovely and for when it's gloomy!

I do apologise for the picture quality. I took these with my iPhone 5S as I'm waiting for my camera to be sorted out.

denim jeans

denim and crop top

I just love the colour combination of this outfit!

The light blue jeans makes you look/feel so much more summery. The crop top is also quite a long one so it doesn't show off a lot of your tummy. (It's meant to be long). Also, the converse matches the outfit perfectly.

This casual outfit is perfect for when it's a bit warm and when it's quite chilly.

hollister long sleeved crop top

I just love the lace detailing on the back of this top! 

white converse

Top: Hollister
Jeans: New Look
           Shoes: Converse - Schuh


  1. cute look! perfect combo for spring where there is still a breeze but the suns out! xxx

    Anisha -

    1. Exactly, it's a perfect look! Thank you for reading. I'll check out your blog x