Monday, 23 March 2015

Seeing Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift.

Hello you lovely people! This post is like a week late but I have been so busy! 

Before reading on, if you do not believe in mediums, psychics or the sixth sense etc, please click off this post. I don't want to make you upset for reading this and I also don't want you to leave unwanted comments. Thank you!

So, on the 15th of March I went to see the talented Sally Morgan! She is currently touring the UK and when I found out that she was coming to my city I was so happy.

Bearing in mind that I had been wanting to see her for years, my boyfriend surprised me on Christmas day with 2 tickets to see Sally at our local theatre.

If you don't know who Sally Morgan is, I'll explain a little bit about her below:

sally morgan

Sally Morgan is a medium. Psychic experiences started when she was a very young age. Sally believes that she inherited her ability from her grandmother who was known as the witch of Fulham, also where Sally grew up.

Sally eventually started to see the future for her friends and throughout the years, Sally's gift grew naturally.

Sally built up an extensive client list including celebrities and she even read for Princess Diana for 4 years. 

In 2005, Sally was tested on her medium skills and was rated as one of the top 5 psychics in the world.

She has toured the UK for over 7 years. Sally is also an author to 5 best selling books. She has also been on a number of TV shows and has her very own TV series.

If you don't know what a medium is: A medium is a psychic that can communicate with spirits in other dimensions. They are able to feel and/or hear thoughts, voices and see things in the spirit world.

My Experience:   Even though I didn't get a message myself, lots of other people did. I was sat right near the front of the stage with my boyfriend and I felt ecstatic, just because I had been wanting to see this woman for years!

When someone thinks that the message is for them, they stand up and get handed a microphone. 
In the first half, Sally did get through to the spirit world but some people didn't stand up to receive their message.

Sometimes, when someone stood up and gave Sally some more information about the message Sally received, Sally said the message wasn't for them, it was for someone else. Then someone else stands up as Sally gets a bit more information from the other world and the message is then for them. 
Sounds confusing - I know!

After the 15 minute break, Sally came back on stage. I must say that she got a lot more messages through to people. There is also a big screen on the stage behind Sally so everyone can see who the message is for. 

I felt heartbroken when Sally mentioned what a certain spirit done to end up in that place and the woman on the screen was crying her eyes out because she knew that message was for her. I'm obviously not going to say the messages that Sally received as they weren't for me. 

Before the show, you can also write on 'love letter cards.' You simply leave a short question for the spirit to answer and write your name. You can also leave copied photographs of those in the spirit world. Sally got through with both the love letter card and the photo and it was amazing!

I was amazed watching her! I am still thrilled that I have been to see her and I would go and see her again. 

Thanks for reading! x

You can check out her YouTube channel here:

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Check out her website and see if she's coming to your city soon:

**I have not been paid to write this post. There are true facts and my honest opinions.**


  1. These sorts of things seem so fascinating!

    1. I'm glad you find them fascinating too. I thought I was the only one, I am so interested in things like this! x