Monday, 23 February 2015

Hand Care

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Hello lovelies!

Being a hairdresser, my hands are in and out of water all of the time. (At work and at home.)
Even though I make sure that my hands are really dry after washing somebody's hair, they still get really dry and sore. 

Whether you have a job working with particular substances or not, you need to take good care of your hands.

Dermatitis is very common with hairdressers.
Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin when you come in contact with a particular substance. The skin becomes red, blistered, dry, scaly and cracked. It can affect any part of the body, but most commonly affect the hands and face. 

How it's treated: See your GP. They can advise moisturisers, ointments, creams and tablets. With treatment, most people with dermatitis can expect their symptoms to improve and some will resolve completely. 

Dermatitis can affect your job or/and the rest of your life.
I advise you to watch this video below, whether you have a job working with a particular substance or not..

Moving on to how I care for my hands...

Soap&Glory - Scrub + happiness and hand food: I use the scrub and happiness on slightly damp hands. After lathering, rinse and lightly dry your hands. Then I apply my hand food cream. I use these after the bath or washing my hair.

Soap&Glory - The big hand food tube: I have this in my bag when I go out. If my hands are feeling dry or chapped, I use this. 

Simple Hydrating light moisturiser: I moisturise my hands before bed or after a bath if I haven't used my Soap&Glory hand creams. It's a light moisturiser, great for sensitive skin. Also, leaves your hands feeling soft! I also use this moisturiser for my face.

E45 Itch Relief cream: Soothes itching caused by eczema, dermatitis, pruritis and other dry skin conditions. I 100% recommend this! I instantly use it when I have itchy hands.

Take good care of your hands, not only that... take good care of your skin!



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