Sunday, 17 June 2018

Twenty One

I turned 21 today. What the hell.
Mine and my best friends birthdays are only a day apart so we always celebrate together every year. So yes, I partied hard last night and I'm now paying for it. Actually I don't even feel sorry for myself, I turned 21, I was meant to get smashed.

It doesn't even feel right saying that I'm now 21. I remember turning 18 and it being a big deal. I loved whisking my ID out of my purse and feeling all grown up and sassy. LOL. But, is it at the age of 21 they class you as a proper, mature adult? Scary stuff. I still live at home with my parents, little sister and our family cat. Thinking about what the future holds truly scares me as you never know what's around the corner.

 Growing up, if I didn't like something, I'd run from it. Especially starting new jobs. If I didn't enjoy it, I would just quit. I've always been that way and I hate that that's the way I am. But, I believe that if you don't enjoy something and it doesn't make you happy then why are you wasting your time? You only live once so enjoy your life whilst you have the chance.

When I was 17, I found out that I had anxiety and depression and I was in a really dark place in my life. I didn't like going to the doctors or to counselling sessions at college because I hated speaking out about how I felt and it made me feel worse. Looking at my life now compared to back then, I am so proud of myself. I am finally in a career that I love more than anything and worked and studied super hard for, I went to the doctors and got help for my anxiety and depression and of course, I still have bad days but I know where I'm at. I like to reflect back on certain parts of my life and see where I am now. It just gives you a boost, doesn't it.

Thanks for listening to me ramble - I’ve had the most amazing day and I’ve been incredibly spoilt. I’m now off to consume more alcohol! 


  1. Happy Birthday! 21 will be such a great year for you! x

  2. Happy 21st Birthday beautiful!! I'm super sorry to hear about your anxiety and depression when you were 17 babe and I'm happy to hear that you're happy with the journey you've been on and how content you are with your life now, I'm sending you so much love. 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  3. Happy birthday, I hope it’s been a great one.

  4. Hope you had an amazing 21st Birthday! You should be proud of yourself from how far you’ve come x

  5. Hope you had a lovely 21st Birthday! Hope it's a great one and so sorry to hear about your depression and anxiety when you were 17. You should be so proud on how far you have come.
    Sarah X

  6. Happy birthday lovely, hope you had a good one! x

    Gemma Louise

  7. Sorry I'm late, but happy birthday!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one being "this old" and living with parents haha I'm 23 btw
    hope you have a great year and I'm glad you've come a long way from being 17!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  8. Happy birthday to you! And congratulations, I've been diagnosed with depression since I was 16 (it was for a couple of years before that) and I'm about to turn 26. It's not easy, but you've got this babe. Every day is a fresh start and even on the bad days, just be like me and eat like a pig and then go get em' the next morning!

    Lisa | Oh Luna x

    1. Aw thank you Lisa. Oh yes, of course I still have those shitty days and struggle but I am coping a lot better! x