Monday, 30 April 2018

April Favourites

april favourites

april favourites blog post

Oh my, I haven't written a monthly favourites post up for around a year, probably. The past couple of months, I have tried out a lot of new products and there has been five products in particular that I have been absolutely loving!

As I have been using self tan a lot more, especially throughout this month, I have been using The Body Shops coconut body butter to moisturise with. I love almost every product from The Body Shop anyway but this just smells heavenly and it has helped out my dry skin and prevented patchy tans, so I'm happy! I should be stocking up on more of their body butters as I am due to run out of this one soon.
I had first tried this bath oil around two years ago when Dr Botanicals PR sent it to me for a review, and I really loved it but the price of it put me off for the amount of oil you actually get. Around Christmas time, I finally gave in and bought it again - I think they've actually lowered the prices now. But this month, I have really been loving taking baths with this. There has been times I couldn't wait to get home from work and soak in this bath oil. It smells amazing, I can't even describe how it smells. It leaves a sweet, rose aroma scent in the bathroom and on your skin. It also makes your skin incredibly soft. It's safe to say I'll be using this forever more. 

dr botanicals moroccan rose bath oil

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer
You may not be able to tell, but this is empty! This is the second one I've owned since February. I spent the second week of April scraping the sides of this concealer. Fair enough, it's £4 and it's amazing but it runs out ever so quickly! I put out a tweet to see if anyone else had experienced the same thing or whether I was just using shit loads of it. But lots of other gals agreed. It's the best concealer I've ever used, it's full coverage and lasts all day and it has been my best friend for long shifts this month - I wrote a review on this concealer if you want to know a little more, here.
THIS STUFF. I will be writing a separate review on this at some point because this stuff is just PERFECTION. I had recently tried out the Bondi Sands dark foam tan and I loved it! So, I had decided to buy their everyday liquid gold dry oil to keep my tan topped up and looking fresh. It's perfect for feet, hands and your face. It gives you a natural glowy tan and doesn't go patchy at all. Everyday liquid gold also dries super quickly so you don't have to prance around the room waiting for it to dry.
This is the first time I have ever used loose powder and I am loving it! Why did I stick to using pressed powder for so long? The Max Factor professional loose powder is translucent so it's perfect for when I self tan and for when I'm my pale little self. It tries its best to prevent my oily skin showing through my makeup throughout the day. Although after around 5-6 hours, I need to get my blotting paper out. But, it blends out so easily and it's really easy to apply. It has also lasted me ages and probably much longer than a pressed powder would.

What products have you been loving throughout April?


  1. yes girl!! Would love it if you checked out my new beauty post

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  2. I really like the MUR Concealer, especially now they've introduced new shades xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. I know, I think that's amazing for a drugstore brand to do that x

  3. I love a good round up post! I really want to try out that Revolution concealer, I've heard so many good things about it!


    1. Aww definitely do it! Buy two at a time though because they always seem to be out of stock and you'll run out of it ever so quickly x

  4. I've just bought the makeup rev conceal & define and I LOVE IT AS WELL <3 IT'S INCREDIBLEEEEE!!!! :D

    Serene xo