Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Four Recent Drugstore Lip Discoveries

 drugstore lip products blog post

A few weeks ago, I was routing through my drawer full of makeup and realised that I haven't bought any lip products for quite a while. Hell no, I was not having this! So, I made a trip to Boots and actually spent around an hour in there swatching loads of different lippies. I eventually narrowed my choices down to just four lip products, how that was even possible I don't know.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour:
rimmel stay matte liquid lip colour review
This lippy is quite new in the drugstore world. I've seen positive posts floating around about these lipsticks, so of course I had to get myself one. There were quite a few shades for me to choose from, I went for 'Rose & Shine'. It's such a perfect pink colour that everyone could get away with! The brush is big and flexible which is amazing because I always struggle at applying lipstick. It's nice and creamy and easy to work with too. Sometimes, with other matte lippies, your lips can feel so dehydrated and dry but you don't even know you're wearing this! Staying on the topic of matte, I love the matte design of the tube as well. The only thing I'd change about this lipstick is the drying time, I just wish it dried a little quicker.

NYX Butter Gloss:
nyx butter gloss review
I haven't owned a lipgloss since I was probably about fourteen. There's not too much to say about this one. It's a basic, simple, light pink lipgloss named 'Crème Brulee (BLGO5)'. It applies evenly but it's quite sticky once it's first applied. It obviously wears off very often throughout the day as it's only a gloss, but there's no harm in re-applying it. It's light and soft on the lips. I usually wear this on my days off work when I'm running errands or doing little bits and bobs. It's not great for a full day at work as it just wears off way too quick for you to re-apply again.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipliner:
maybelline colorsensational lipliner review
As well as lining my lips along with using lipstick, I also like to use liner on its own. This colour is gorgeous and gives me crazy Autumn feels. I'm so excited to be wearing this more now that the A/W season is finally here. This liner is long lasting until eating or drinking; it wears off very easily on the inner part of the bottom lip (which of course, makes sense). 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream:
nyx soft matte lip cream review
I bought a soft matte lip cream from NYX sometime last year. I'm actually surprised I haven't bought one since then and now as I loved it so much! I bought this in the shade 'Cannes (SMLC19)' which is a gorgeous colour. This is my all time favourite matte lip product by far! I don't know about anyone else, but I love the smell of these! I can't even describe it. The consistency of these lip creams are very creamy and super easy to apply. Again, this product doesn't dry your lips out at all. I find that NYX's Lingerie range can make my lips look and feel quite dry but the matte lip cream range is so light on your lips and just makes them look amazing. It also dries instantly too. I think I will eventually end up buying the whole range of colours. 

Have you tried any of these lip products yet? How have you got on with them?


  1. I really need to try the Butter Glosses, I love the Butter lipsticks! Great post x

    1. I wish they weren't so sticky though :( Thank you Katie x

  2. The Maybelline lip liner is so pretty, I really love this shade for fall! x


    1. I know! I'm definitely going to have to get some more lipsticks that shade x

  3. I really want some NYX soft matte lipstick. I own some NYX products, but I don't have any of these. Cannes is one of my favorite shades from what I've seen :)
    I also love your lip photos, mine didn't turn out this well haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Haha I'm crap at applying lip products, so I hated taking really close up photos but thank you! :) NYX is probably one of my favourite brands for lip products x