Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Round Up of My 2016 Beauty Favourites

beauty favourites 2016 blog post

I have tried many beauty products throughout the year and many of them I have loved. I decided to round up my most favourite products of 2016 and let you know how they worked for me.

I bought the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray after my best friend let me use hers for a night out. Since that night, I haven't gone a day without using my setting spray - it really does work. If you haven't yet tried this out, seriously, where have you been? I don't know why I didn't buy this earlier. Next is my contour kit from Sleek, this is THE perfect shade for contouring if you have pale skin. The highlight is also beaut too! This little drugstore kit is so pleasing for just £6.99 - it lasts ages, it's easily blendable and the pigmentation is top-notch. Read a full review on this here.

I bought the fleur loves lashes from Boots back in July and I have loved them ever since. They're only half lashes but they look so natural and still give a 'full effect' look and they're so lightweight too, perfect for day and night. The PR team from Dr Botanicals actually sent me this body cream back in the Summer time to review. It smells beautiful, I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with this body cream - trust me, it's really worth the money. Read my review here. Obviously I had to include Garniers micellar water in this post. Can you believe that I never tried it beforehand? It has been such a popular beauty product for a number of years. I've finally jumped on the bandwagon, oh well better late than never, right?
beauty favourites round up 2016

Next up is the brush egg, this isn't a product but it's a very handy tool. It's excellent for deep cleaning makeup brushes, it's very quick and easy to use. Again, you can read a more in depth review here. If you're quite a frequent reader of my blog, you would know that I have only recently tried out and ended up loving the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush and the Shaaanxo palette. If you suffer with dry lips and you're looking for a gentle and affordable scrub, this is the one for you. Read more about it here.

I'm quite a new owner of the Shaaanxo palette and since swatching everything included in the palette, I have been in love. Everything about it is perfect. The shadows and lipsticks are so pigmented and every colour comes out how it looks in the palette. Read more about why I loved it here. Lastly is my body lift cellulite control cream from Clarins. I think near enough every woman has cellulite, it's not a bad thing. I don't have much of it but it's sometimes a little visible on the back of my legs. I really don't use this as often as I should because honestly, I cba.
But, it does work. It'll probably take longer to notice a difference if you have more of it. This product isn't cheap either so I'm glad it actually does something unlike other products.

What have been your top beauty favourites this year?


  1. Gorgeous post! I adore Micellar water!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  2. Ah so jealous you have the Shaaanxo palette, really wanted that! I love Micellar water and the Bubblegum lip scrub! xx

    Tamz |