Monday, 15 February 2016

Hair Do's and Don'ts*

I am so happy to be collaborating with Madison Reed on this post. As I am a hairdresser and have had some experience in the industry, I know what is right and what is wrong for your hair.
Take some advice from us and take notes of the do's and don'ts for your hair:

DON'T use box dye to colour your hair. Go to the salon or go to a trade store and buy some professional branded colour. Paradye (Paraphenylenediamine) is an ingredient in many box dyes which can easily cause allergic reactions. I have attached two articles to this post which you can learn from. Also, Schwarzkopf XXL Live is the worst hair dye you could ever use. It has metallic salts in it, which could cause your hair to break, fizz etc. If you would like to colour your hair after using XXL Live, you could probably face your hair falling out.

DO make sure that you have a skin test 48 hours before colouring your hair. This should happen every single time, whether you use the same hair colour or not. You could easily have/produce an allergic reaction to anything.

DON'T wash your hair everyday, it strips out the natural oils. My mum is so guilty for this. It's actually good to have greasy hair for a few days, you know.

DO use heat protector. Whether you're drying your hair, straightening, curling or using any other heated styling equipment. Also use it in the summer months or when you're in a hot country. The sun dries my hair out like crazy!

DON'T brush your hair whilst it's wet. This is a huge NO NO. This can lead to breakage which causes those annoying shorter hairs.

DO use a wide toothed/detangling comb on your wet hair. And start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.

hair dos and donts

I hope you've learnt some new things about caring for your hair. Do you admit to any of the hair don'ts?
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