Friday, 15 January 2016

Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

As Winter is here, I thought that I would mention some essentials which you would find useful for this season.

Body Butter- My skin gets quite dry in the Winter so I like to use body butter/body moisturiser to take care of my skin. To top it off, I end up smelling amazing. The righteous butter from Soap and Glory has a lovely fresh smell and makes me feel SO smooth!

Hand Cream- Hand cream is more than necessary in the Winter. I hate when my hands look and feel so dry. Hand cream is a must all year round.

Hair Treatment- I don't know about you, but my hair colour is so dull in the Winter months. The hair treatment I use is called Marilyn from Lush and it's made to brighten blonde hair. This is perfect in the Winter when you need that glow.

Vaseline- My lips always get so dry and chapped in the colder months. I usually cake my lips in Vaseline every night before I go to sleep and during the day. I also suffer from angular cheilitis which is a split in the corners of the mouth. It's sore and so painful to eat and yawn as I can't really open my mouth wide enough, Vaseline is also my saviour product for this.

Nail Polish- I love having a good A/W colour nail polish in the Winter season. 'Very Berry' from Soap and Glory is one of my favourites.

Moisturiser- I use moisturiser for my face every morning and night anyway but my face gets a lot more dry around this season - especially my forehead. So during the day, I apply some more moisturiser to hydrate my skin.

What are your Winter essentials?

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  1. These are such good essentials! My hands constantly go funny in the cold so I'm loving the body shop hand creams at the minute! I can't say I'm a massive fan of vaseline, it's too jellyish for me (i know that sounds ridiculous but I couldn't think of another word for it ahah.) I just don't really like it much I suppose. I'm definitely more of a chapstick kinda girl!

    I've never head of that hair treatment from lush but I might have to try that out! My hair gets so mousy in the winter! Thanks for recommending it, do they have smaller pots? <3

    This was a really great post- I've never thought about what my essentials are!



    1. I love the body shop products! You're the first person I know who dislikes Vaseline, haha. I got the hair treatment for my birthday as a gift so I'm not too sure if they do smaller pots, you'll have to have a look.

      Thank you Anne.