Sunday, 21 June 2015

What I got for my 18th birthday!

Hello lovelies!

My birthday was on the 17th June. I never thought that this day would come, turning 18!

When I was younger, me and my best friend couldn't wait to grow up and be able to do what we wanted to. We always used to moan saying that we had to wait ages. To tell the truth, it's gone pretty quick and it's actually quite scary being 18.

Anyway, I'm now going to let you have a nose at what I got for my birthday.

I got this gorgeous Ted Baker bag from my parents. It isn't too big and it's not too small, so it's the perfect size! The inside of the bag is very spacious as there is no storage at all in the bag. Although, it did come with a clutch bag which was attached to the metal hook things. So I could use that for storage as well as taking it out on a night out.

I got some beautiful jewellery for my 18th! My sister bought me a Pandora ring, it's my first ever item that I own from Pandora (yay!) I also got a Guess ring from a close friend of the family. The diamond in the middle of the heart sparkles so much under light. I also got two very expensive necklaces too. From my parents, I got the Links of London necklace which matches my bracelet that I got for my 16th. From my aunties, I got the Tiffany & Co necklace which matches my earrings that I also got for my 16th birthday.

I got some lovely things for 'me time' and I just cannot wait to try each one of these out!
My boyfriend's grandparents bought me the cute cupcake bath bombs. They're all so pretty and they have their own cute names, I can't wait to try these out! My sister also got me some things from Lush. I have so so much to try out and they all smell so good. Keep updated for Lush posts!!

Ok. So it looks like two people had the same idea about the '18' frames but I love how different both of them are. I was easily amused by these as I loved reading all the words that relate to me. I also got a signature frame which most people signed without me knowing. I realised that only half of my family have signed it, not including my friends and other family. The frame is just not big enough, but I keep reading the little messages over and over again. I love it!

So, every year I think I get a birthday mug with my age on and I don't even drink hot drinks. But, they're nice to keep. Also, I am in love with the champagne glass and the sequins on the number 18. I haven't yet had a drink out of it but it won't be long.

I mentioned to my mum that I liked a couple of pairs of shoes from New Look and wanted her opinion on which ones to buy for my birthday night out. So, I took her into New Look and we went with these ones. They look gorgeous on by the way! As I was about to pay, mum managed to hand over the money before I even opened my purse. (There's always someone like that.) So, I told her that they were for my birthday.

I got a few random bits and bobs from my parents too. The 18 glasses, bobbly headband, banner and shot glass. Also, I got a number of badges. I must admit, I couldn't hardly see a thing out of those glasses.

A few more things I got for my birthday but didn't snap:

- Spa Day for two.
- '18' Tatty Teddy: I already have '13' and '16' one's, so why not add to my birthday collection?
- Boux Avenue underwear.
- A gift set of Beyonce perfume.
- Keyrings: I also get the birthday age key rings every year too.
- Photoshoot: I have a Boudoir photoshoot on Wednesday which my nanny paid for me to have done. Looking forward to it but a bit nervous.
- A Holiday: My boyfriend spoilt me to a weeks holiday to Centerparcs and we are going very soon. The 29th June! (ah!)
- £40 Tattoo Voucher.
- £20 shopping mall voucher.
- £245 in money: and I don't know what to spend it on yet.

Just to let you know, you may or may not know.. I am a twin. I have a twin brother, but he sadly passed away at birth. Every single day I wish he was here - especially on our birthday. But as well as celebrating mine we celebrate his too.

I do admit, I was quite spoilt for my birthday and I'm a very lucky girl. I appreciate everything that everyone has got me and I will never ever forget my 18th birthday!

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