Monday, 2 February 2015

Scandaleyes Xxtreme Mascara Review

When I run out of my mascara, I usually go to 'Boots' and pick another one up - that's only if they're doing something like 3 for 2 on Rimmel products. Unfortunately for me, they weren't doing it. My boyfriend suggested 'Superdrug,' and I'm so glad he did!

In Superdrug, all Rimmel London products were 2 for £10. So I ended up getting two mascaras; Scandaleyes Xxtreme and Scandaleyes Volume Flash extreme black! I normally use the Scandaleyes Volume Flash (the orange one), which wasn't in there at the time. To be honest, I haven't seen it anywhere, maybe they've stopped doing it? The bright pink colour grabbed my attention first.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara

Scandaleyes Xxtreme Mascara Review

rimmel london mascara review

scandaleyes rimmel review

As the Xxtreme mascara is quite new, I thought that I'd do a review on it.

It's meant to give volume and length. As you can see, there is an arched side and a flat side.

The bristles on the flat side are more spaced out which is supposedly why it gives length.
Whereas, the bristles on the arched side are closer and a lot shorter than the ones on the flat side.

The arched side is also easier to get in the corners without making a mess. I'm a right messy pup when it comes to applying mascara!

Bear in mind that I don't use eyelash curlers. 

I started with the arched side at the root of my lashes and turned the mascara wand to the flat side while applying the mascara to my lashes.

I have noticed that the flat side has made my lashes much longer. I have also noticed that the arched side has gave a little volume, I wouldn't say that the volume is that great though.

Overall, I love this mascara and Rimmel has made me happy once again!

What is your current mascara at the moment and is it your favourite?

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  1. My favourite mascara a are maxfactor.