Monday, 24 September 2018

LUSH Halloween Goodies 2018

lush halloween blog post 2018

Yes, I know it's early but when Lush's Halloween range came out, I had to pop into my local store and check it out. I have only ever tried the sparkly pumpkin from their Halloween range and I loved it so much that I wanted to get it again this year, but I wanted to try new stuff instead.

The first thing I picked up was the Ectoplasm shower scream, I just love the fact that it's bright green. It smells even better than it looks too, it smells very citrusy and actually reminds me of the smell of marzipan. Like all of Lush's shower creams, it leaves your skin super soft and you can literally smell it on yourself for the rest of the day.
I was also going to get the Ectoplasm jelly bomb but I never did in the end, it was either I buy one or the other. I didn't wanna spend too much dollar because yano, Christmas is coming and Lush have now also released their Christmas range. Soz bank account.

lush ectoplasm review

lush monsters ball

lush bewitched bubble bar

When I was in store, I couldn't work out if I liked the scent of Monsters Ball or not. It seems insanely popular every year so I thought I'd give it a go. It smells richly sweet, you can definitely smell the citrus in it. I am yet to pop it into a bath so I can't really tell you whether I definitely like it or not. But after reading five star reviews and blog posts, I think I'll be happy about this purchase. Also, look how bloody cute it is!

One thing I knew I was already going to buy was the Bewitched bubble bar. This little kitty cat smells so fresh, it's got such an Autumnal smell to it. I have already had a bath using some of this and it made me feel so relaxed and cosy. It also turned my bath a greyish/black colour. I will try and make this last until the end of Autumn, otherwise I will probably have to buy another one. It's so good!

Do you ever buy anything from Lush's Halloween range? What are your favourites?
Sunday, 16 September 2018

A/W 2018 Wardrobe Wishlist

autumn and winter wishlist 2018

My favourite time of the year is here! Call me crazy, but I love the colder, darker mornings and evenings. There are so many cute pieces about in stores for this season so I had to make a wishlist because I want everything!

You can't not have a thick knitted jumper this time of the year. This one from River Island particularly caught my eye. I just love the quality of the material and how big the roll neck is. Buy it here for £36. Another staple I'm loving this season is leopard print, it's everywhere you go. I love the style of this tie front top, you can style it both down and up. Buy it here for £18. Keeping along the lines of leopard print, I saw these heeled boots on MissPap, aren't they just gorgeous!? They're perfect to add a little something else to an outfit. Buy them here for £25.

I had a black poncho like this grey one last year and I basically lived in it, get it here for £17.99.
I wanted another basic jumper in my wardrobe and I found this gorgeous grey off the shoulder one from Pretty Little Thing, buy it here for £15. Yellow is everywhere this season and I love it, I don't know why because I don't really wear yellow but I saw this kimono on Boohoo and added it straight to my wishlist. Get it here for £12. Whilst I was on the Boohoo site, I saw this fur hooded cream coat for £45 which is so good! I have been on the lookout for a white/cream coat for ages as I always stick to wearing black. Buy it here.

Since writing this wishlist, I have already went out and bought this mustard skirt. It's amazing quality and fits so nice. Plus, it gives me aaall the Clueless vibes. Get it here for £9.99. Staying along the lines of the checked patterns, because I always wear white, grey and black, this jacket would be perfect! I'd most probably wear it all the time. It looks so cosy too. Get it here for £85. I love the look of this monochrome twisted jumper, it would look lush with a pair of high waisted jeans and some boots. Buy it here for £20.

I really don't need anymore ankle boots but River Island stocks the best Winter boots! I saw these suede Chelsea boots with the black patent and gold detailing and I fell in love. Buy them here for £40. Burgundy is always a must have colour for this time of the year, and this cropped striped hoody would be perfect with some high waisted jeans and trainers. Buy it here for £15.

What have you had your eye on ready for the new season?

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Riviera Maya - Mexico Diary 2018

It's been almost three weeks since I've returned from Mexico and I can honestly say that I've got the holiday blues. Mexico was such a beautiful place, I'd go back tomorrow if I could. We flew with Thomas Cook from Gatwick and it was such a great flight. They were always coming round with meals, snacks and drinks. Even the movies and music were great on the plane too! And the movies were different on return, so you don't have to worry about watching the same movies twice. After around six hours on the plane, I started getting a bit restless, bored and frustrated. I got about 10 minutes of sleep and just wanted to get off. Flying doesn't bother me at all, but after a 10 hour flight, you just wanna get off haha. 

When we got to the hotel, we queued up to check in and got served with drinks, which were so refreshing after a super long day of travelling. The hotel itself was just so beautiful, it was huge. We stayed in the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum which was all inclusive. Being in the rainforest, all we saw were animals, monkeys and iguanas especially. Even using my jungle formula, I still got bitten a few times from mosquitos but it's expected. 

As we were there in their hurricane and rain season, the weather for us was amazing most of the time. Luckily, we never experienced being in a hurricane. But, when it rained, it rained. Their rainy spells only lasted for about 10-20 minutes and then it got out hot and sunny again. When the heavens opened, most of the time I stayed in the pool and chilled on the sunbeds because it was still hot and it was so refreshing. 

I never got bored of the hotel food until the last week of the holiday. Believe me, they had loads of options to choose from. But after two weeks of having the same breakfast, it gets boring. Oh, if you haven't tried Canadian bacon, TRY IT. As well as eating from the hotel buffet, we also ate out at different restaurants on the resort which was really nice as they were all different. 

The beach was beautiful but unfortunately the ridiculous amount of seaweed made it a bit of a let down. Apparently, the whole of the Caribbean has had problems with seaweed within the last couple of months which is really sad. There are people all day and night clearing the beach, they worked so hard bless them. Mexico also has nesting patches for baby sea turtles ready to hatch. Unfortunately we didn't see any hatch but it was still amazing seeing their little nests all along the beach.

We didn't really watch much evening entertainment because there was just so much to see and do. But when we did, they put on great little shows. We watched a circus one night at their theatre in the hotel and then we went to a Mexican night in the Hacienda where they put on a big show and had candyfloss, popcorn and little games - it felt like I was at a carnival.

When we went out to Fifth Avenue, we found it most places quite expensive. Everywhere take both US dollars and Mexican pesos which is handy if you don't know which to take. I took a bit of both and spent it all. The Mexicans also love their money, they love to be tipped and they always greet you in every store you walk into. 

We done quite a few excursions. I wish I done more but we just didn't have the time or money! At Emotions Native Park, we done zip lining over the jungle which really didn't seem that high at all which was a shame. We jumped into cenotes and explored caves as well as quad biking around the jungle. 

When we went to Xel-ha, we jumped off of cliffs into the water and I paid extra to scuba dive down in the cenotes. We swam and communicated with dolphins which I've always wanted to do since I was little so I was such a big kid when I got the chance to do that. We also looked around the Tulum ruins which were amazing to see. We weren't allowed to go up many because they were so fragile. Liam also took me jet skiing in the sea which was so fun. I was too much of a wimp to go on one by myself so I hopped on the back of his.


I made so many memories in Mexico that I'll forever cherish. I just wish I had an extra week out there to explore Mexico a little bit more and do a few more excursions. Have you ever been to Mexico? I want to go back :(