Monday, 18 February 2019

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes + Wedding Planning Update!

I haven't really been about lately, we've been so busy planning bits and bobs! I think the last time I mentioned anything to do with our wedding, was in my goals for the year ahead blog post. Since then, we have contacted and looked around SO many venues, I couldn't even count. I'm so pleased to say that we have chosen our venue and we have set a date for September 2020!! Yes, we had decided to get married next year instead of 2021 - how exciting!

Now, moving onto how I asked my bridesmaids...

I had recently asked the four most important girls in my life if they'd be a part of my big day! My two best friends and Liams sister as bridesmaids and my sister as maid of honour. I wanted to put together something quite personal and pretty, so I hopped onto Etsy! 

bridesmaid boxes

Firstly, I found these gorgeous white boxes with rose gold text - you can change the colour of the writing if you'd like to. They come flat packed in the post and you build them up yourself using the sticky adhesive tabs, (which was super easy!). When you close the box, the lid is magnetic, which keeps everything safe up until the wedding day. The white bow at the front gives it a really pretty touch too.

bridesmaid boxes blog post

bridesmaid proposals

I found these gorgeous personalised champagne flutes on Etsy too! Again, I stuck with the rose gold theme. These were super affordable, they arrived so quickly and they're amazing quality! To add another little something to the box, I found some little pocket mirrors and personalised them by putting their names on - again, these are from Etsy. They're just a cute little keepsake and they came in their own little gift bags too.

I also got some 'will you be my bridesmaid' and 'will you be my maid of honour' cards and wrote my own little message on the back of each girls card.
Lastly, I bought a pack of 4 white frames from B&M for less than a fiver! I printed off my favourite photo of each of us and popped them in the frames. The white and pink tissue paper I bought from Card Factory for 99p each. The rose gold confetti I bought from Hobbycraft.

I had so much fun putting together these boxes and they look so cute, the girls were so happy with them!

bridesmaid proposal ideas

personalised champagne flutes

bridesmaid boxes ideas

Saturday, 19 January 2019

LUSH Sakura Bath Bomb Review

lush sakura blog post

lush sakura blog review

lush sakura review

I received this gorgeous bath bomb as a Christmas gift, and my oh my isn't it pretty!? I was super excited to pop this into the bath to see the water turn multicoloured. However, don't let this pretty bath bomb fool you! I was going to take some photos of it dissolving in the bath but honestly, there was no point. I was so disappointed whilst watching it fizz away in the water, it didn't leave any colour behind at all. Literally, no bit of pink, red, purple, blue or green came out of this bath bomb. To be honest, I was waiting for the big finale. You know, some bath bombs have that bit in the middle that when the water reaches it, another colour comes out. Nope, not this one.

On a plus, it does smell absolutely gorgeous! It smells just like a day in Spring. Too bad the Spring colours don't make an appearance though. Although it didn't really produce any bubbles, it was really relaxing. I personally wouldn't buy this as I think it's really deceiving and the majority of people would buy it because of how it looks.

What do you think about Sakura? Have you tried it?
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

2019 : My Goals For The Year Ahead

I love making fresh, new goals for the new year, it always make me feel so motivated and excited for the year ahead. Not long ago, I had written up a reflection of my 2018 goals and to be honest, I didn't achieve much of those. So, lets try again this year!

This goal is more for 2020, but this year, Liam and I need to stay in our mindset of getting our own place. We are still in the middle of saving up and we are literally going to save up as much as we can this year for our own home. So this time next year, I either want to have a deposit put down on a house or be in our own home already. I know it's not as easy as it sounds and it's actually stressing me out already thinking about it. But, I'm going to try not to get stressed about it. It will all fall into place.

Considering we would like to get married in 2021, it's really not too far away and most venues get booked up a year and a half ahead. I have a wedding planner book that I have already started, so hopefully we don't have too much to organise next year. We've already set a budget for our wedding and have contacted the venues that we like for a show round. Once we have the venue booked, everything else will hopefully fall into place. I'll plan little bits and bobs for our wedding this year that I can. All the bigger stuff, we'll leave till next year. Again, I'm not going to stress about it as we have two years.

This was a goal for last year which I didn't really achieve. But, I will definitely get my body back to how I want it this year. I have recently put on SO MUCH weight, I'm the biggest I've ever been. And because I'm only 5'1 and have short stumpy legs, I look even bigger. So, I have gone back to the gym and started my dance classes again. Also, because I'm getting married, this has made me more motivated to get into a fitness routine too. The old Meg bod will be back in no time and the triple chins will disappear!

I used to have such a good skincare routine going but within the last seven/eight months, I have sadly gone back to using makeup wipes. After a nine hour shift, getting home, eating dinner, I can't be bothered to properly cleanse my face. So I've always grabbed the makeup wipes. Basically, I'm lazy af. So, I'm going to use the last of my makeup wipes, I think there's like four left in the pack, and not buy any more! Whether I'll stick to this idea or pop into Tesco and grab some wipes, who knows? It's one of those easier said than done resolutions.

I have really been struggling to keep up with my blog recently, especially over the Christmas period because I have been super busy at work. But, I have taken this week off work as holiday so I can just chill and get little bits and bobs done. I installed a new template for my blog, let me know if you like it. I'll also try and improve my blog photos this week for upcoming posts until I'm 100% happy with them.

I'm always too busy wondering what everyone else thinks. I need to do more of what makes me happy.

What are your goals for 2019?

Thursday, 10 January 2019

What I Got For Christmas 2018

Yes, I know I'm hella late with this post! I had originally planned to have it posted by the 27th of December but I was super busy over Christmas and literally didn't have any time to blog. Then I got engaged on New Years Eve and we've been busy celebrating that. So, I weren't actually going to post it because I thought it was so late. But, I do it every year, and it's finally here now, what I got for Christmas 2018.

what i got for christmas 2018

Ok, so I seriously need to go through my shoe cupboard because I've got three more pairs of shoes and it's overflowing! I have been wanting some flat over the knee boots for the longest time and these fit perfectly and are so comfy. I got loads of little bits of makeup, bath stuff, gift vouchers and my favourite perfume which are always a winner at Christmas.

I had pointed out a pink '90s baby' jumper from Coconut Lane ageees ago and Liam actually got the hint and bought it for me. 
Also, check out how many sets of pyjamas I got! It wouldn't be Christmas without all these pjs! Again, I had to go through my pyjama draw because I literally couldn't fit the new ones in. The tinkerbell and mickey mouse ones are the comfiest, I think they're from Primark. 

What did you get for Christmas?

what i got for christmas

what i got for christmas blog post

what i got for christmas

what i got for christmas blog