Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 Goals

I already had my goals set in mind for the year ahead and had no intention of writing up this post. But as 2018 has started off really shit, I thought that maybe writing my goals down will make me feel more positive and determined to smash 2018 in the face!

Eating healthier, fitness & starting dance classes again
I've become so unhealthy and lazy over the festive period, I can't wait to start eating healthier and get back into my fitness routine. I haven't been back to my dance class for about a year. I stopped going when I was in a full time job as I literally had no time for it and my hours were all over the place. Getting back into dance will definitely happen this year because I've missed it terribly.

Blog more
This time last year, I had hardly no motivation to blog and it only got worse from there. I don't blog all the time but I definitely put a lot of effort and time into it - I've never really had a break from it. Since September, I have been more motivated and gained lots of ideas so hopefully I'll have a good year of blogging.

Qualify as a beauty therapist & get a job at the end of it
I am studying for my level 2 beauty course at the moment in which I'm hoping to be qualified by June/July time. Once I'm then qualified, I'm expecting to get either a full time or part time job as a beauty therapist. I would obviously prefer full time but we'll see what happens when the time comes.

Get another job
I'm currently working as a self employed nail technician and as much as I love it, the money isn't great. I only took the self employed route back in August, so of course I still don't have my client base. Products aren't cheap to buy and now the busy Christmas period is over, work is dead. I have the usual regular clients but it just isn't enough. So, I'd like to get another job along side my nail work until I qualify as a beauty therapist.

Maybe start YouTube again
I think I published my first ever YouTube video back when I was fourteen years old. I then published and deleted videos on and off till I was probably sixteen. I started YouTube again on a brand new channel back in 2016 but due to having no confidence and worried that someone would notice me, I ended up deleting the videos. I have been thinking about getting back into it as I really enjoyed the full works of it - filming and editing etc.

Start saving up again
I was in the middle of saving up for a new car and for mine and Liams first home, but paying for that beauty course has literally wiped my bank account and put everything on hold. So, as that beauty course is now paid for and I'm on the lookout for a second job, I'm going to save as much as I can. 

Do you have anything you'd like to achieve in 2018?


  1. These are really good goals. It sucks that you are not making enough money as a nail technician, i wish you the best of luck on achieving these goals.

  2. I wanna start exercising! I need to! haha
    anyway I really hope you'll fulfill your goals this year (and start YouTube). also, I want to work as nail technician in my free time as I love it, but it's really expensive to even start it and I have no potential clients so I get your pain.. :(

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. It is really hard to build up that client base and so many people are doing it now too, so it's a huge competition! But yeah, it's super expensive.. I literally have no money left :( x

  3. Fab goals, I hope you achieve them! We have a few similar goals (blogging more, YouTube) :)

    A xx

    1. Thanks Alexis :) I hope you achieve them too x

  4. I totally hit pause on exercising during December, I just found it so hard and so cold. I also need to get back into the routine.

    Vanessa x |

  5. I totally love this post. Your blog looks amazing, I'm definitely staying here :)