Saturday, 26 December 2015

What I Bought My Loved Ones This Christmas

It's come around again, that time of the year. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

I was going to put this post up as part of my blogmas series but my boyfriend started to read my blog and my blogmas posts quite recently. Obviously, I couldn't post this as he would've known what his presents were before Christmas as he's nosey! But hey ho it's here now.

Lets get into it...

These are the gifts that I bought my boyfriend. We went to the cinema to watch Inside Out in September and he loved it, we always love the Disney films. I also bought him a top from Hollister, the other one is from my parents. He was in need of some jeans and socks so I headed to Primark to get a good bargain on the jeans. I also bought Josh two pairs of socks but me being me forgot to take the price off them before I took the photo so unfortunately, I couldn't include them in this post.

 Josh has been going on for a while saying that he wanted a new phone case with a photo of us from holiday, so that's what I done. When this got delivered, I didn't really know what to think about it, it looks quite dark. I thought that it may as well be black and white but oh well. Last of all is a Lynx set, I always get him deodorant of some sort at Christmas time.

I know that Josh's youngest sister likes products from Lush so I headed straight there to get her present. I love the Snow Fairy range so I decided to get this little gift which includes a bubble bar and snow fairy shower gel. 

For my boyfriends other sister, I bought her the magic wand from Lush (I love this myself) and also a Lynx set.


 I have one of these Anker chargers myself and they come in handy so much! My sister always used to borrow mine when she was out and about, so she put it on her Christmas list and I thought it was a fantastic idea to get her one. She also got an Xbox One for Christmas and this is one of the most played games that she plays on the Xbox 360. Just look at the price of it though, need I say more? 

My sister wanted some more underwear so me and my mum headed straight to New Look and got this insanely pretty bra, I love it myself! Last of all for my sister, she was in need of some new mascara. Also, I caught her looking at this contour kit in Boots the other day so I went and got it.

 My mum loves watching ballet shows. So, I decided to buy her two tickets to watch Giselle at our local theatre. I'm sure that she'll absolutely love it!

Unfortunately, I haven't included everyone's presents on here like my dad, aunties, uncles etc.. as they were the first presents that I ever wrapped before even thinking of the idea of this post. This may give you ideas for the January sales or even for next Christmas!

Have a lovely boxing day!

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