Monday, 8 April 2019

I Finally Got My Hands on That NARS Foundation...

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nars all day luminous weightless foundation review

Yes, I finally gave in and bought the NARS luminous weightless foundation. I've literally wanted this foundation for ages but really couldn't justify paying the price for it. After mainly using drugstore foundations for years, I decided that it's time to give in and try another higher end foundation for a change. I have heard many amazing things about this foundation, so of course I couldn't wait to slap it on my face.

It doesn't say 'shake well' on the back of the bottle for no reason. This really is a runny foundation. I've applied this with both a brush and a beauty blender and they both apply and blend out the foundation beautifully. I couldn't believe how full coverage it is considering it's a super watery foundation. The first day I tried it, I even forgot to put my concealer on because of how full coverage it is. It wasn't until after I set my face with powder, I realised. Bear in mind I have the worst dark circles under my eyes, so this really worked some magic for me! It covers redness and dark circles so well too, this will definitely be my go-to everyday foundation. It does what it says on the bottle; it really is lightweight. It has got to be the most weightless foundation I've worn in a long time. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing make-up.

It can sometimes make my combination skin more on the oily side than normal, but it's nothing I can't deal with. It lasts for a good nine/ten hour day for me without fading or going patchy which I think is amazing.
My skin has been looking so hydrated and soft and I've had so many people recently tell me that my face has been looking flawless. What girl doesn't wanna hear that!?
£35 really is worth it for this foundation. Why didn't my tight-ass purchase it sooner?


  1. I absolutely ADORE this foundation!! Definitely worth the dolla!

    Lots of love from Mollie, blogger at xxxx

  2. I love this foundation, I honestly couldn't be without it now!

    Danielle xx

    1. I honestly don't know why I didn't buy it sooner. I can now see why everyone has been raving about it x