Friday, 24 July 2015

L'Oreal Superstar Mascara Review

Hello lovelies!

When I ran out of my Rimmel mascara, I thought that I'd try something different instead of buying the same one and I'm so glad I did!

L'Oreal Superstar mascara

 I didn't even realise that this was a new mascara until I watched the advertisement on TV after I bought it.
I just love the silver and the black colours combined. The design on the tube is so dramatic (like the lashes.)

It has two ends. Number one is the primer and number two is the mascara. I have never used a dual ended mascara before so it was all new and exciting for me.

L'Oreal superstar mascara primer

L'Oreal superstar mascara primer review

Volumising Primer- This primer thickens each lash with a corset shaped brush to build volume.

L'Oreal superstar mascara review

Lengthening Mascara- The curved brush applies a black fibre enriched formula that coats the primer. 

Both the primer and mascara were so easy to apply. The primer gave so much volume before I even applied the mascara which I was quite surprised about. The shape of the mascara brush managed to give a great amount of length and volumised the lashes even more.
I found the mascara being a little clumpy on the second coat but I managed to get rid of a few of the clumps.

L'Oreal superstar mascara before L'Oreal superstar mascara after

The second picture was taken after a 9 hour day. You can probably tell as you can see that my foundation has worn off. But at least the mascara is long lasting! Unlike, my foundation.

It definitely does what it says - Gives great volume and lengthens a lot! Who needs falsies now!?
This mascara is just perfect for a night out!

I paid £10.99 for this trustworthy mascara and it was definitely worth the money.
 Would I buy it again? - Absolutely!


  1. I haven't tried this before but I have tried mascaras that use a primer first and found that they give a really good effect

    Emma emhasrednails

    1. Apart from this one, I've never used a mascara that you have to use a primer with first. Definitely going to try out other mascaras with primers. First time for everything! x