Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial - SFX Free

Hello lovelies!

This is my second Halloween look which I've created. You can read my Pumpkin Tutorial here if you haven't yet seen it.

zombie halloween makeup tutorial

There's no special effects needed in this look - just all make-up!

Firstly, I applied my primer and moisturiser to make sure that my make-up went on nice and evenly. I then applied my usual foundation and filled in my eyebrows.

I applied a pink/red eyeshadow shade under my eyes and all over my eyelids. I then scattered it on my chin, my forehead, my temples and my cheeks. I then applied a dark brown eyeshadow in the corners of my nose, the crease of my eyelids and the corners of the mouth. I also contoured my jawline, cheekbones and my nose with the same dark brown eyeshadow. I then blended that contour out as I didn't want too harsh lines.

I used white eyeliner on my lower lash line to make my zombies eyes look 'bigger.'
I then applied a blue eyeshadow shade where the bags under my eyes are, to look super tired. I also put it at the temples, eyelids, around the nose and around the mouth to give that bruised effect.

zombie makeup tutorial step by step

zombie makeup tutorial step by step

I covered my lips in concealer and blended it in with a concealer brush. I then applied red eyeshadow  in the inner parts of my top and bottom lips. I then went on top with the blue eyeshadow to give my lips that dull, dark bruised and swollen effect. I put on some white eyeshadow in the little dip above my lips, in the corners of my eyes and on the tip of my nose.

On the neck, I pretty much done the same techniques. I used my pink/red and my blue eyeshadows and I just worked with it until I liked how it looked.

I then applied highlighter to the parts of the face that I didn't touch.

zombie makeup tutorial for halloween

halloween zombie tutorial

zombie halloween makeup tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this look as well as my Pumpkin tutorial. Let me know if you recreate this look as I'd love to see it!

Happy Halloween!

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