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Tongue Piercing Diary / My Experience

Just a little comment before you read on; If you don't like piercings or specifically tongue piercings, please leave this post. I am only sharing my experience with people that are interested in getting their tongue pierced.

Hello lovelies!

Today is a bit of a different post - as you probably already know. (duh)

I have wanted to get my tongue pierced since I was quite young. But I was one of those kids who thinks about what it would look like when I'm older. 5 years on, I finally decided to take the plunge and get it done. Piercings aren't like tattoos - you don't have to keep them forever. 
Just to warn you - This post includes photos of the piercing in the healing process.

1st April 2015:

This was the day I got it pierced. I made sure that I had eaten before I got it done so I didn't pass out and because I knew that I wouldn't be able to eat properly for ages. So, I went to my favourite chip shop and coated my chips in salt and vinegar before I got it done. (mm!)

After a few hours, it ended swelling up quite a lot - so much that I couldn't see the bar. It ached so much when I talked to people, so I just kept silent for the rest of the afternoon.
All I had for tea that night was an ice lolly. My piercer did numb my tongue before piercing it but I have a high pain tolerance anyway so I don't mind piercings or needles etc. It really isn't as painful as people say it is. I'd rate the pain a 3/10. Also, that purple colour on the tongue is the pen he marked it with.

2nd April 2015:

My tongue actually wasn't too swollen on the second day. I was so hungry when I woke up, so I had to have some porridge. They say that you're not meant to eat porridge whilst your tongue is healing but that was the only food I fancied. I struggled so much to eat it. The bottom part of my tongue hurt the most when I ate. 

You don't realise how much your tongue moves and rolls around when you eat, until you get it pierced. I tried eating a chocolate croissant in little pieces, but I only managed to get through half as my tongue started to really hurt. 

Me, my mum and sister went out for the rest of the day. They both had a subway for tea and I had a McFlurry. The McFlurry was quite easy to eat as I didn't have to chew it. I just put it in my mouth and swallowed it as my tongue was too sore to move around.

3rd April 2015:

When I woke up, I could taste blood. So I looked in the mirror and there was a ring of blood around the top and bottom balls. I cleaned it and I didn't have any more bleeding problems throughout the day. It is also normal for it to bleed, so I wasn't worrying too much.

 I had an ice lolly for breakfast and then mushed up banana and custard. It was a bit easier eating today. Swelling was also the same as yesterday. I also managed to eat stew for tea and I hate stew!! But I was starving so I had to eat something easy.

4th April 2015:

My tongue was bleeding again when I woke up this morning, just around the top ball this time. Also, looks like there's a small tear on my tongue in front of the top ball, so maybe that's why it's bleeding. The bottom doesn't hurt anymore so it's much easier eating and talking. 

However, where the tear is, it stings when I eat which is annoying. I had mushed banana for breakfast and steak pie for lunch, but I had to cut it up in little bits. The swelling has also gone down a bit, it wasn't too swollen anyway. The bar is still so long, so it's annoying when I eat and talk.

The white stuff on my tongue is normal in the healing process.

5th and 6th April 2015:

Today is Easter Sunday and I managed to eat chocolate. I also had a roast but without the meat. The tear has also disappeared. (yay!)

I had chocolate for breakfast and why not? It's Easter Monday! I had jacket potato for tea but I had to leave the skin. The swelling has gone down a bit more. You can also tell that my piercing has formed an 'anthill.' This is also normal in the healing process.

7th and 8th April 2015:

I can talk a little better today. The bar is just getting in the way and causing a little bit of a lisp. I had chocolate for breakfast, yet again. I managed to eat gammon for tea. I keep catching the bar when I eat though because it's so long. I can't wait to change it.

I ate a banana for breakfast (not mushed) and also an Oreo chocolate bar. It's a week of my piercing today. The swelling has gone down a little bit more. I've still got an anthill from Sunday. I also had a nugget meal from McDonalds for tea and it was heaven!

9th and 10th April 2015:

I had a bag of fridge raiders for breakfast. Mum bought me a BLT sandwich home for lunch. I had fajitas for tea but I kept catching the bar.

I had a cream iced bun for lunch and then I went to go and get my tongue bar changed to a shorter one. I can't even feel it there and it's so much easier to eat and talk.

11th and 12th April 2015:

Ok, so my tongue looks very swollen in this picture. It's because I got it changed to a shorter bar so the swelling hasn't gone down fully anyway and also I still have the anthill. I ate 2 (small) Easter eggs for breakfast. It is the Easter holidays and I did come on my period this morning so I'm allowed. I had fish fingers and chips for tea. Now I've got a shorter bar in, my lisp has fully gone! 

I managed to eat my roast dinner easily. It's much easier to talk now and I can't even feel that the bar is there. My white tongue is disappearing as I'm not cleaning it as much anymore. Also, my anthill is disappearing too!

Now (August 2015):

Since April, the swelling of my tongue went down even more so my lisp came back. I had to go back to my piercer to get an even shorter bar. I can't feel that it's there, it's the right size and I can move it around as much as I want without it hurting. I've had no problems with it at all.

If you're thinking about getting it pierced, I would fully recommend it. The healing is the worst part and I can't even explain how hungry you get. But it's all worth it in the end!


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